Chris James Mobile Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer
for Guildford and the Surrey area

Geraldine (age 37), Full-Time Mum - 21/03/16

"When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness I searched online to find a therapist who could help me with my pain.

"Not only has Chris done this through sports massage, he has also applied Reiki, which I was surprised to find, alleviated my pain and lifted my spirits.

"Chris has become a positive influence in my life and I look forward to our weekly appointments.

"He is professional, knowledgeable and genuine, showing great interest in my health concerns and taking the time to talk them through.

"I would not hesitate to recommend him."

Gillian (age 76), retired - 13/04/15

"When doing some unusually heavy work I strained my back and a friend suggested I called Chris. I’m so glad I did!

"Chris responded to my text with a treatment time later the same day.

"An hour later, I was able to walk, pain free and quickly, to my next appointment.

"I thoroughly recommend Chris, no matter how old you are!"

Vicky (age 58), Senior Health Consultant - 20/04/2015

"I asked Chris to help me to shape up and tone up for my sons wedding. He proved to be an inspirational choice.

"He was encouraging and supportive whilst at the same time showing me how to work harder and achieve more.

"He did all this without making the workouts onerous or unpleasant, I even looked forward to them. What more could you ask!"

Victoria (age 26), School Teacher - 16/02/2015

"I have really enjoyed training with Chris over the last 6 months. I chose him as I really wanted a personal trainer who was really committed to the job and wasn't just doing it as a filler after school or University.

"Chris is extremely passionate about what he does and is always learning something new. I feel he really cares for my health and knows just how far to push me - so I challenge myself but don't feel out of my depth.

"I was worried about working with a personal trainer, having never felt particularly comfortable doing exercise and hating going to the gym, but Chris makes it fun and I have never felt embarrassed whilst training with him.

"I have found my fitness has really improved and was mentally thanking him on my last holiday that I felt more confident on the beach and was able to keep up with group whilst hiking. For me, that makes working with a personal trainer well worth the money.

"Chris is really lovely and I look forward to our sessions (as much as I am ever likely to look forward to exercising!). I can really recommend him!"

Stuart (age 35), Architect - 16/12/2014

“Poor posture had given me chronic neck and shoulder pain over the years. Having tried several Osteopaths and Chiropractors at great expense but with little success, I thought deep tissue sports massage might be better suited to my condition. I was amazed to find a mobile sports therapist who works late in to the weekday evenings, which fitted in with my busy work/family life.

“I have found Chris to be very professional with a calm and reassuring manner, he will always work hard to see you as quickly as possible. Long term mobility has improved with each session, and I've come to realise that having deep tissue massages has been fundamental to my recovery. I have no hesitation recommending him to others. I just wish I had found him earlier.”

Ros (age 86), Retired - 29/11/2014

"Following operations on my hips and knees I lost balance, coordination, and confidence. Exercising with Chris is strengthening my muscles and improving my circulation as well as helping me regain the lost coordination and balance. My confidence is returning and I am deeply grateful for his caring and expert help."

Sarah (age 25), Recruitment Manager - 22/10/2014

"When I first started working with Chris, I hadn't exercised in 23 years (my whole life). He quickly worked out how to get me motivated and confident in my own ability and in the 2 years I have been working with him has never stopped this encouragement. He constantly 'takes it up a notch' so I am always working at full capacity.

"Chris combines cardio and strength building and always adds new and challenging exercises. He is a great laugh and doesn't take himself too seriously, but this is balanced by pushing me to my limit every session, without causing injury.

"What makes Chris different is that he is a sports massage specialist too, he can quickly and professionally sort out any niggles. I had huge posture-caused pain, which is now pretty much gone (and I can now finally start working on push ups!).

"Thanks to Chris, I now exercise at least twice a week and have the confidence to throw a 10 kilo kettle bell round the room. "

Katy (age 28), Full Time Mum - 15/09/2014

"I'm a Mum to a heavy 6 month old and have been having back problems with all the lifting and bending involved with looking after a little one.

"When I first saw Chris, I had recently strained my back. His massage did wonders and this comes from a massage junkie. I've always had problems with my shoulders and after one session, they felt better than they have in years. He found problems that I hadn't mentioned and sorted them out.

"What I found different from the standard sports massage is that Chris works on joint flexibility as well as the muscles. I've found this means the results from a session with Chris last a lot longer than a standard sports massage. I now use him when I feel my back is grumbling to prevent the problem from escalating. He's also given me a number of exercises to do to strengthen the problem areas.

Rob Hall (age 52), Financial Director - 18/08/2014

"If you're a serous sports man or woman who wants to build a sports massage into their 'rest and recovery' regime, then don't look any further than the services provided by Chris.

"As a long-time and passionate cyclist whose 'muscle maintenance' had long been neglected, I knew a regular sports massage would help improve the quality and longevity of my cycling career. However, I never quite got around to organising one, but after engaging Chris, I think I've gone a very long way to achieving both of these goals.

"During the weekly massage sessions, Chris has made great progress in improving my muscle flexibility, reducing muscle tension and, when needed, rehabilitation from injury. His ability to seek out and address deep-seated muscle tension (which I often didn't know was there until he homes in on the trouble spots!) has been invaluable.

"In addition to his undoubted professional prowess and through the rapport that we've built up, Chris has helped me to understand and learn techniques that I've been able to apply myself to further develop and maintain muscle health. This has been a hidden benefit that I wasn't expecting when I first decided to use Chris's services.

"All-in-all, I've found that Chris provides a thoroughly professional, effective and valuable service, which has complimented my passion for my chosen sport, cycling."

Ann (age 32), P.A. - 03/12/2013

"I started seeing Chris this summer and his massage treatments have helped me tremendously. I’ve had nagging injuries and stress pains that no one else has ever been able to tackle the way he has. I didn’t even realize how out of alignment my body was! He’s identified things that other massage practitioners never knew about at all – he is absolutely amazing. I’m eternally grateful to have found someone as professional as Chris."

Lesley (age 52), Accountant - 16/10/2013

"I’m over 50 and run my own business. I spend more time in my office chained to a computer than I do at home! As a result over the years I had become unhealthy and very overweight - I reached size 22 at my largest. I had postural issues from being hunched over a desk most of the day in the same position, and often suffered with pain in my neck and back, which tended to get worse when I was busy and stressed at work.

"Chris had trained my youngest daughter and seeing the huge difference he had made to her and his positive, non patronising attitude made me decide to give it a go. I decided to train from home as it is more convenient and saves me time, plus at the start I would have felt embarrassed going into a gym at the weight I was.

"Chris tailors the sessions to suit my mood so if I have had a bad day and am really stressed a good bout of boxing works wonders. No two sessions are ever the same which stops me getting bored and helps me stay motivated. With his workout routines, encouragement and by following a sensible diet I have dropped 4 dress sizes and I'm now down to a size 14!

"I couple my training sessions with regular sports massage for my back, shoulders and neck pain. Because I have the regular treatments I no longer have to go to an osteopath and any potential problem is nipped in the bud immediately. Chris can spot when a part of me is not working as it should (he has given up on my brain) and provides prompt treatment to sort the problem. As a result I find I can now function more efficiently at work.

"Chris has been training me for over 2 years which is a testament in itself that he has kept me motivated that long. Because I feel so much fitter I have tried things that I would never have done before and it has improved my confidence immensely."

Jude (age 36), Blue Chip Consultant - 18/07/2013

"Thank you so much for everything over the last 4 years! You got me fit once and then fit again after I had Will - no mean feat!"

Eleanor (age 27), Accountant - 24/04/2013

"Following an accident, I saw a chiropractor for six years suffering with pain in my back, neck and shoulders, and a severe restriction in my right shoulder. The spinal adjustments seemed to help at first and gave me a bit of relief, but after a while they stopped helping, and my aches and pains would always return half an hour after leaving the treatment room. Then, about a year ago, a friend recommended Chris James to me, and I have not been back to the Chiropractor since.

"Chris actually worked on my muscles not just the joints, and he worked out all the stubborn knots and deep tensions that were causing my discomfort. Now thanks to Chris I'm pain-free and my shoulder has full movement again. I can play sports and really enjoy my exercise routine again. I still get a tune-up with Chris once in a while to take care of any aches and pains from the stress of work or after exercise.

"Chris is highly knowledgeable and I feel completely at ease knowing that whatever part of me he is working on I'm in the best hands and getting the right sort of treatment. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris's sports massages to anyone suffering with injuries or muscle pain."

Julie (age 47), Midwife - 25/07/2012

I've been having a weekly personal training session with Chris for over a year now. I am a 47 year old woman who hadn't done any type of formal exercise for many years and found the gym a complete turn-off as I really didn't know where to start with a fitness regime.

Chris initially discussed with me the areas I wanted to target and then coached me through a programme of exercise. He's really had his work cut out as I really didn't think I'd enjoy exercise at the start, but he only ever gave me exercises I could manage, and never forced me to do the ones I really didn't like (like press ups!!!). He's also good fun to train with, and always manages to strike a balance between professionalism and a healthy dose of good humour - always encouraging and never critical. Although he always gives me a challenging workout, it's also at a level I can complete and I do feel great afterwards.

Together we regularly review my regime and intensity is increased as my levels of fitness have improved. He always includes a wide variety of different exercises so I don't get bored, and he shows me how to do them all in the best ways to get the most out of them. I really enjoy my regular exercise routines now, I even go to the gym on my own, and of my own free will!!

I achieved my original weight loss goal of two stone some time ago, I am now back in to a size 8 and feel great about my body image. I'm fitter, slimmer, and more toned than I was in my twenties! I couldn't have achieved anything like this without Chris.

Martin (age 59), Construction Entrepreneur - 01/06/2012

"I came to Chris following shoulder surgery having also suffered with back pain for many years - but with Chris's professional knowledge of the body and his sports massage expertise, together with a targeted programme of exercises, he has completely rectified these issues - I am a new man.

I have been training with Chris now for over a year, usually just one hour a week, and during that time my overall fitness, strength and flexibility has improved enormously. I have been amazed how our weekly programme has produced a level of fitness that allows me to take on random events (a recent 100k bike ride taken in my stride) and also how much more energy I have compared with many of my contemporaries. I can't recommend his services highly enough.”

Helen (age 56), Company Director - 29/04/2012

"Since I have been going to Chris I feel in better shape than I have for many years. I used to hate going to the gym but now I really miss my workout with Chris if I have to skip a session.

About a year before I started working out with Chris, I injured my shoulder very badly while trying to get fit in my own haphazard fashion. It didn't heal completely and the pain in my shoulder was with me most of the time, often spreading to my neck and upper back. Now that Chris is treating it as part of my fitness program, I am finally making great progress with it and I can’t recommend his remedial sports massages highly enough.

The fact that Chris can do both the fitness training and the sports massage is so invaluable because he can, at short notice, switch a training session to a massage, or split it half and half, so that if I get any muscle pain or soreness during the week Chris can treat it during my fitness session."

Judith (age 35), Director of Consulting - 11/10/2011

"Chris has bags of experience and mixes up his training sessions so there is always plenty of variety – from pilates style exercises to boxing... I’ve been training with Chris for about a year now and he always makes our sessions fun and challenging and he has an encouraging word just when you think you can’t manage any more!

"Chris has great knowledge of how your body works and explains things really well to help me in my training... We always do a good mix of cardiovascular and strength exercise which suits the way I like to train and I particularly like that Chris avoids working with machines. He's got lots of interesting and imaginative ideas to get me the results I want!"

Penny (age 72), Retired Curator - 24/01/2011

"As an active woman in my seventies, I am keen to keep as mobile as possible for as long as possible. I went to Chris because I was experiencing pain in my lower back, together with bouts of sciatica and residual stiffness from an old shoulder injury.

Chris first gave me a very thorough initial postural assessment and in the follow up session we explored various exercises based on his findings which proved very effective in reducing pain and restoring mobility to my problem areas.

The exercises Chris suggested involved no equipment making them easy to perform unsupervised and at home, and the depth of his knowledge and the innovative way in which he applies this expertise are very impressive.

I would recommend his approach to anyone seeking to improve their quality of life and maintain their mobility without the need for unpleasant and stressful exercise routines."

Kelly (age 28), Corporate Exhibitions - 14/06/2010

"Training with Chris has changed my body and my life for the better. Working in a demanding role in exhibition sales, I spend long days on my feet face to face with clients on a daily basis. After gaining two stone over a couple of years I had become unhealthy, tired, and had lost all my confidence.

"I tried to get fit on my own but I found I did not know where to start. I'd lose a couple of pounds, then put them (and sometimes more) back on again. In the end I lost faith. That is when I came to Chris for help.

Working once a week with Chris, I have lost all the excess weight and have more muscle tone than I ever imagined! He not only gives me a structure and focus to my exercise routine but also helps with my nutrition and well being.

"Exercising with Chris has not only made me fitter but has given me the energy and confidence in myself to excel in other areas of my life, I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

All I can say is who wouldn’t feel good throwing out their size 14 jeans and slipping into their old size eights!"

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