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About Me #01

My story - couch potato to professional coach!

I haven’t always worked in the fitness industry, in fact I haven’t always been in great shape. A few years ago I was an over-worked businessman approaching middle age. I’d had no regular exercise since leaving school 20 years before, and I’d hated P.E. lessons even then! Over the years I’d become extremely unfit, and at nearly four stone over-weight I had very little energy or vitality.

I felt tired and stressed most of the time and I suffered with aches and pains that had been getting progressively worse for a long time. Basically, I felt like I was a mess! At the age of 35, I decided I had to do something about it. So, I joined a local gym.

I found it hard to maintain my motivation at first. I worked with a few personal trainers, but I found that they pushed me too hard too soon, and I'd end up hating the session (and them!) and feeling demoralised. In the end, I took control of my own training and decided to exercise regularly, but at an intensity I could manage - even though that was at a very low level at the start. From then on my journey to health was challenging enough to be of benefit but manageable enough to be fun.

Over the course of the next year, through a progressive program of healthy eating and exercise I lost all the extra weight I was carrying and made radical improvements in my strength, fitness, muscle tone and posture.

I felt so much better and actually enjoyed the process so much that I decided to make a permanent career change, and undertook several courses of study to become a qualified Personal Trainer. I’m now over 40 and in the best shape of my life. I’ve turned back the biological clock and I look and feel younger than I did before I started exercising.

I’ve been working in the health & fitness industry for several years now, but I’ve never forgotten what it’s like to be unfit, and I'll always have a strong empathy for newcomers to exercise.

I know from first hand experience that for exercise to be both effective and sustainable, you need to find the right level of challenge for you without over-training and putting yourself off. That’s been the key to my success with my own fitness and with my clients.

You can see a list of my qualifications below. If you're not used to exercising or you have any health issues or concerns about starting a course of structured activity, please feel free to email me or just phone me for an informal chat.

My Professional Diplomas

Advanced Diploma Manipulative Therapy - Adv Dip MT (MSMMT)
Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy - Dip SRMT (LSSM)(Level 5)
Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain - Dip LBPM (Level 4)
Masters in Personal Training & Corrective Exercise - Dip CES (PTI)
Advanced Fitness Instructor - Level 3
Fitness Instructor - Level 3
Gym Instructor - Level 3

My Professional Certificates

Nutritional Assessment - University of Surrey
Postural Assessment & Correction - Premier Training International
Resisted Movement Training - Premier Training International
Movement Based Flexibility - Premier Training International
Core Stability Training - Premier Training International
Core Stability Training - Lifetime Health & Fitness
Boxercise (& Kick) Personal Trainer & Instructor Awards
SEVA Acupressure

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