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Sports Massage is so much more than just a massage, and it's not just for sporty people!!!

Sports massage, is also called Remedial Massage or Soft Tissue Therapy. It is a diverse collection of highly effective techniques for treating injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body.

It combines techniques from the fields of clinical-massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and other manual therapies to give a thorough and well rounded approach to treating a huge variety of muscle pain and injuries.

Sports massage got its name through its widespread use in the world of sports and athletics, where it has been recognised for decades as an essential aid in preventing and treating injuries, and keeping performers and athletes in optimum physical condition.

I treat sportsmen/women from many disciplines, including runners, cyclists, footballers, rugby players, racket sports, track & field, polo players & equestrian.., the list goes on!

But these days you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from these therapies.

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Is Sports Massage for me..?

Sports massage therapies are equally successful for treating anyone suffering with chronic pain, muscle injury or with restricted movement.

It’s not a full-body or relaxation massage, but is instead a series of pressure techniques, stretches and mobilisations, which allows the therapist to concentrate on your specific problem areas (sore back, neck or shoulders for example) to give you focussed relief, as well as treating any associated postural dysfunction which is contributing to the problem.

Outside the world of sport, many people find that their work or activities of daily living create muscular tension and stress-patterns which lead to pain. Whether a person works in a boardroom or on a building site, anyone can develop chronic and often long-term pain disorders. I call these lifestyle injuries, and treating them is a special focus of mine.

What conditions can be treated with Sports Massage..?

Sports massage is a very successful method for treating a huge variety of muscle and joint pain. Conditions I commonly treat include…

  • Chronic pain This is commonly felt as intermittent or constant discomfort in the back, neck, shoulder, arm or leg. This type of pain is a familiar companion to many people, and may affect someone in more than one area (for example, lower back and opposite shoulder). It is often brought on by performing certain repetitive tasks such as working at a computer, stacking shelves, filing, shopping, etc.
  • Acute injuries Sprains, strains and other muscle injuries, which may be caused by trips, falls, heavy lifting, or gardening, for instance.
  • Muscle Tension Sports massage therapy releases muscle tension on a deep level, so as well as reducing the likelihood of picking up further injuries, it's also very effective for relieving many tension-induced symptoms such as headaches and emotional stress.

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    What does a Sports Massage Session involve?

    Before we start any therapy, I make a thorough assessment of your condition, including the location and type of pain you are feeling, the range and quality of movement in the affected area, as well as any other postural patterns you may have adopted which are exacerbating your condition.

    Sports Massage #03

    I’ll then explain what I’ve found and how I intend to proceed. Treatments are carried out on my mobile massage table, and involve either applying pressure to your muscles through your clothing, or directly to the skin using oil (it’s your choice).

    Your sports massage session will typically include a variety of therapies such as…

  • Deep Tissue Massage techniques these allow me to directly treat the deep muscles and other soft tissues that cause pain.
  • Trigger Point Therapy (or Neuromuscular Technique) this releases points of tension in the muscles that are set in place by your nervous system.
  • Soft Tissue Release techniques & assisted stretches these break down adhesions in the tissues and remove "knots" from problem muscles.
  • Joint mobilisations and manipulations further relieve restrictions and restore pain-free movement to the affected area.

  • After treatment I’ll often advise you on things you can do to help with your recovery, like a specific exercise or stretch to correct a faulty movement pattern.

    Do I have to get undressed for a Sports Massage..?

    Whether you are clothed or unclothed during treatment is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to expose the affected area (e.g. back, legs, or both) so that Swedish massage can be applied directly to the skin using oil. These techniques aid in your relaxation but are not essential. For your own ease and convenience, you may prefer to remain clothed. All of the most effective therapeutic techniques used in Sports Massage can be applied through loose clothing, so if you prefer to wear t-shirt and stretchy trousers, that’s fine, they won't prevent you from getting effective treatment!

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    How does Sports Massage Work..?

    Unlike a full-body spa-style massage, a sports massage therapist will make a thorough assessment of your specific condition, and will focus specialised deep treatments directly on the problem areas (for example, a frozen shoulder or sprained ankle), to restore healthy function.

    Sports Massage #05

    As well as treating specific injuries directly, Sports Massage improves the fundamental health of your muscles. So, although the therapies often do give instant relief, you will normally feel most of the positive improvements taking place over the next three to five days as your body responds to the treatment and recovers from your injury on a deeper level.

    Every body is different, so the speed of your overall recovery depends on your individual situation. If you've had chronic pain for a long time, or you have an acute injury then you'll probably want some follow up treatments to reach a full recovery. It's a good idea to leave a week or so in between sessions if you are having a course of treatments, so you can feel the full effects of each one.

    If you have any other questions about sports massage therapy or how it could help you, please get in touch with me using the email link or phone number in the button-pane on the left. I’ll be happy to help.

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