Chris James Mobile Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer
for Guildford and the Surrey area

Mobile Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy and Personal Training in Guildford, Woking & the Surrey area

I am a Guildford based personal trainer and sports massage therapist offering mobile health and fitness services to the Surrey and surrounding areas. I cover Guildford, Woking, Weybridge, Cobham, Byfleet, Chobham, Ascot, Godalming, Bramley, Ewhurst, Esher, Chertsey, Light Water, Farnham, Camberley, Aldershot and other nearby towns.

I can bring all the equipment required to deliver first class fitness workouts and deep tissue massage therapies to you at your home.

If you'd rather not have your sessions at home I can provide a fully equipped gym and therapy room in central Guildford. I also hold sports massage clinics in Ascot. Click on Prices & Fitness Classes in the sidebar for details.

Sports Massage At Home

Mobile sports massage therapy in Guildford & Surrey

I don't just work as a trainer, I also bring sports massage & deep tissue therapies to your home or office. These treatments are safe and highly effective for relieving back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other muscle and joint dysfunctions.

So regardless of whether you are an inactive office-worker or a competition athlete, I'll provide you with effective treatments and relief from your aches, pains, sprains, strains and other injuries.

If you are suffering with muscle pain or an injury, be sure to visit my Sports Massage page for more information about how I can help you.

Home Workout Lady

Personal training at your home

As a highly qualified and experienced personal trainer with a proven track record of getting results for my clients, I'll provide you with individualised health and fitness coaching that is tailored specifically for YOU. Regardless of your age or current level of fitness I'll guide you to your goals safely and effectively.

With my effective home exercise systems you'd be surprised how little floor space is required to get a really good workout.

So, if you're looking for a trainer to help you boost your health, energy and fitness, burn calories and tone up, then go to my Personal Training page to find out more.

I'm always happy to provide a free initial consultation with no obligation for you to take up any further training.

Personal trainer and sports massage therapy combined

Getting a sports massage after your workout isn't just a great way to cool down and relax, it also enhances the training effect, speeds recovery and improves the blood circulation and health of your muscles. So, having a sports massage therapist as your trainer gives you the option to enjoy the health and fitness benefits of exercise and sports massage within the same session.

What people have said about my service

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"When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness I searched ... to find a therapist who could help me with my pain ... Chris done this"

"...he has also applied Reiki, which I was surprised to find, alleviated my pain and lifted my spirits"

"Chris has become a positive influence in my life and I look forward to our weekly appointments."

"He is professional, knowledgeable and genuine, showing great interest in my health concerns and taking the time to talk them through.

"I would not hesitate to recommend him."

" I thoroughly recommend Chris, no matter how old you are!"

" inspirational choice"

"...encouraging and supportive whilst at the same time showing me how to work harder and achieve more"

"...all this without making the workouts onerous or unpleasant, I even looked forward to them. What more could you ask!"

"Chris is extremely passionate about what he does and is always learning something new"

"I feel he really cares for my health and knows just how far to push me - so I challenge myself but don't feel out of my depth."

"Chris makes it fun and I have never felt embarrassed whilst training with him."

" fitness has really improved..."

"Chris is really lovely and I look forward to our sessions..."

"I can really recommend him!"

"I was amazed to find a mobile sports therapist who works late in to the weekday evenings, which fitted in with a busy work/family life."

“I have found Chris to be very professional with a calm and reassuring manner, he will always work hard to see you as quickly as possible."

"Long term mobility has improved with each session, and I've come to realise that having deep tissue massages has been fundamental to my recovery."

"I have no hesitation recommending him to others. I just wish I had found him earlier.”

"Following operations on my hips and knees...Exercising with Chris is strengthening my muscles and improving my...coordination and balance...My confidence is returning"

"I am deeply grateful for his caring and expert help."

"Chris quickly worked out how to get me motivated and confident in my own ability..."

"Chris combines cardio and strength building and always adds new and challenging exercises."

"He is a great laugh and doesn't take himself too seriously, but this is balanced by pushing me..."

"What makes Chris different is that he is a sports massage specialist too... I had huge posture-caused pain, which is now pretty much gone..."

"Thanks to Chris, I now exercise at least twice a week and have the confidence to throw a 10 kilo kettle bell round the room. "

"Personal training with Chris has changed my body and my life for the better"

"Working once a week with Chris, I have lost all the excess weight and have more muscle tone than I ever imagined"

"You got me fit once and then fit again after I had Will - no mean feat!"

"I can't believe I didn't do it sooner"

"my overall fitness, strength and flexibility has improved enormously"

"I can't recommend his services highly enough”

"very effective in reducing pain and restoring mobility"

"a friend recommended Chris James to me, and I have not been back to the Chiropractor since"

"thanks to Chris I'm pain-free and my shoulder has full movement again"

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris's sports massages to anyone suffering with injuries or muscle pain"

"Chris has bags of experience ...from pilates style exercises to boxing"

"he always makes our sessions fun and challenging"

"Chris has great knowledge of how your body works and explains things really well to help me in my training"

"...the depth of his knowledge and the innovative way in which he applies this expertise are very impressive."

"As an active woman in my seventies...I would recommend his approach to anyone seeking to improve their quality of life and maintain their mobility without the need for unpleasant and stressful exercise routines."

"I used to hate going to the gym but now I really miss my workout with chris if I have to skip a session."

"I can’t recommend his remedial sports massages highly enough."

"any muscle pain or soreness during the week Chris can treat it during my fitness session."

"his positive, non patronising attitude made me decide to give it a go"

"I decided to train from home as it is more convenient and saves me time, plus at the start I would have felt embarrassed going into a gym"

"Chris tailors the sessions to suit my mood so if I have had a bad day and am really stressed a good bout of boxing works wonders"

"No two sessions are ever the same which stops me getting bored and helps me stay motivated"

"With his workout routines, encouragement and by following a sensible diet I have dropped 4 dress sizes"

"I couple my training sessions with regular sports massage for my back, shoulders and neck pain... As a result I find I can now function more efficiently at work"

"Because I have the regular treatments I no longer have to go to an osteopath and any potential problem is nipped in the bud immediately"

"Chris can spot when a part of me is not working as it should (he has given up on my brain) and provides prompt treatment to sort the problem".

"Chris has been training me for over 2 years which is a testament in itself that he has kept me motivated that long"

"Because I feel so much fitter I have tried things that I would never have done before and it has improved my confidence immensely."

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